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Our service is designed to focus on your comfort and to ensure the development of a trusting relationship.
We won ‘Best Implant Clinic in the UK’ at the private dentistry awards in London.
"Perfection is your aim and in my case you certainly achieved that." SS Edinburgh
"You were all so supportive and cheery. The end result is perfect and way beyond my expectations."
NW Aberdeen

Welcome to Care Dental Implant Clinic

We welcome patients from all over Scotland and sometimes beyond. We are a dedicated Implant Clinic team offering all aspects of implant treatment within our state of the art facility.

During the last 14 years we have placed over 3,000 implants.

Dr Bruce Strickland, our principal Implantologist, is a lecturer and member of the Institute of Implantology and on the board of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry. His work involves mentoring other dental professionals in the field of Implantology.


Our service is designed around your personal needs and expectations; we seek to listen and understand your dental health concerns and to deliver your care in an environment that ensures your comfort and safety.  We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.


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