Signature Ceramics - Our in-house dental laboratory

Unlike most implant clinics, we have our own in-house dental laboratory. It is staffed by four very experienced technicians and fully equipped with the most advanced digital laboratory equipment and system available – Zirkonzahn. The combination of this cutting-edge technology and our experienced team allows us to create and craft implant crowns and bridges into beautiful, natural-looking teeth.

For you, the patient, this means that the dental technician is an integral part of your clinical team. They ensure that the colour and contour of your crown and bridgework looks perfectly natural next to your existing teeth. It also means that any complications can be dealt with as you wait, instead of unnecessary delays caused by sending work back to external laboratories. For the dentist it provides a seamless relationship, overcoming normal remote communication problems and enabling integrated teamwork to produce beautiful smiles and exceptional fit.

The Zirkonzahn technology we have installed in the laboratory digitally designs your crowns and bridges to ensure perfection in terms of both aesthetic and fit. Once your teeth have been designed they are sent to the 5+1 axis computer milling machine, which drills your new crowns out of Zirchonia. They are then coloured by hand to ensure the shades and fissure contours are a perfect match to your natural teeth before being placed within the sintering furnace for glazing.

The new Prettau and Zirchonia materials have superseded the usage of porcelain which most labs still use. Porcelain is layered to create a crown but often chips and cracks under force. Zirchonia on the other hand is a single block of material and is impossible to break!

We are very proud of being at the forefront of technology and having a digital laboratory on-site, so you will probably find yourself being shown around it at some point!


We pride ourselves on our experience in implant procedures.


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