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Fees & Guarantee

We offer a range of health care options to suit your needs.

Implants with a 5-year guarantee

Any implant failing to integrate will be removed and, if considered necessary for the long-term success of the case, will be replaced at no additional cost.

Restorations with a 5-year guarantee

For restorative work completed by Care Dental Implant Clinic, any fractures or failures of porcelain or other prosthodontic components will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost. It is important that patients who grind their teeth should wear the night guard/bite plate, which will be given to them with the permanent teeth.

Conditions of guarantee


Initial consultation £60
OPG £37
CT Scan £250
Implant single placement £1085
Denture attachment from( per implant) £598
Conscious sedation £150
Implant crown £1085


The cost of a crown depends on the amount of clinical time, laboratory time and materials/equipment used. We use a laser scan to digitally scan the teeth. This technology gives a more precise and accurate recording, which prevents food traps and bacteria collecting around ill-fitting crowns.

Porcelain bonded
Precious metal, maximum strength crowns bonded to tooth-coloured porcelain. Good strength and lovely cosmetics. £960

Beautiful Zirconia
Where aesthetics are of paramount importance and strength is the key to success. We use tooth-coloured materials at the core. £1085

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