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I entered the Care Dental Implant programme with some trepidation but my fears were quickly allayed. The preparation was exemplary and the staff friendly, courteous and professional. I was impressed that the treatment was not hurried, which gave sufficient time for my gums to heal before the implants were placed. Moreover, there is an after-treatment service. I have no hesitation in recommending Care Dental Implant Clinic.

Throughout the programme I was given straightforward and clear advice on what was to happen at each stage. To be honest I had not appreciated the timescales involved but in hindsight, it is a factor that anybody doing likewise should readily accept to reach the excellent result that I now have.

I was most apprehensive about seeking implant treatment and approached a couple of practices. During my initial consultation with Dr Strickland, he struck me as a ‘bit of an anorak’ about teeth! I elected to go with Care Dental because I felt a genuine interest not only in the mechanics of the implant itself and the treatment but also an interest in the overall welfare and hygiene of my teeth and mouth. I was not disappointed in my choice. The treatment I received at the Care Dental Implant Clinic far exceeded my expectations.

They are just like my own teeth way back when I was 20, as Bruce had promised. I’ve now got fabulous teeth that look great and work unbelievably well.

Implants are without doubt the way forward and bear no comparison to the alternatives.

I don’t want to sound dismissive of cost at all but I do want to express the assurance that the cost of implants will be amongst the best money anyone could ever spend. Looking back on it and considering the astounding result, I’d have begged, borrowed or stolen whatever I needed to get the job done.

Care Dental Implant Clinic is unique in that the practice has its own laboratory at the surgery with a couple of top class technicians on board so changes can be made while you wait.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and time that has been involved in restoring my teeth. The end result is perfect and way beyond my expectations. And at last, I can join the rest of the world’s population in the pastime of enjoying food!

Thank you all for all the care and superb attention you have given me over the last year. Perfection is your aim and in my case certainly, you achieved that. You were all so supportive and cheery; it gave me huge confidence and helped me through a very difficult time. As well as being able to eat well again, you put the smile back on my face!!

My wholehearted recommendation to you Bruce. You are the most compassionate dentist I’ve ever seen, and you have exceeded my expectations by far. With your friendly, professional and competent manner, along with the wonderful quality of care and attention from both yourself and David your technician, it is not surprising that on completion my new smile leaves me very happy and extremely grateful for all you have done. I am absolutely delighted with my beautiful and very natural result, and for the first time in a long time I will smile in confidence.

"I was given straightforward and clear advice on what was to happen at each stage"View Testimonials

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