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Overcoming health problems

Prevention is better than cure – regular visits to our hygiene team will remove bacteria and plaque from your mouth that cause bleeding and swollen gums, a bad taste in your mouth, bad breath and other general health-related problems.

Regular oral health assessments with our clinicians ensure your long-term dental health through oral cancer screening and digital x-rays, keeping you free from pain and focused on ‘teeth for life’.

Do your teeth keep breaking? We can prevent this by treating the cause, which is often the way you bite down on your teeth. By re-aligning your bite we can alleviate unnecessary forces which cause your teeth to break.

If you have missing teeth the teeth around the gap can overerupt or move into the space. This movement can cause problems with chewing and can overburden other teeth. Dental implants are the most natural solution to replace missing teeth.

Is your denture loose? A dental implant can be placed to work as an anchor to make it secure.

Are your teeth sensitive to hot or cold? We can desensitise them.

Do you grind your teeth and suffer from subsequent headaches and tension pain which is often stress related. We can release the tension by making a dental appliance to prevent you from grinding your teeth.

Do you snore? Snoring is often due to the restriction of the air intake. We have stopped patient’s snoring, much to the delight of their partners, by opening up their airways using a small dental appliance which is worn at night.

Questioning your smile?

Whiter, Straighter, younger, more natural …. it is easier than you think?

Dark or discoloured teeth? We can lighten them with a simple procedure either carried out at home or in the clinic within one hour. The results are dazzling.

Unsightly or mis-shapen teeth can be made to look perfect with veneers.

Old crowns, which do not match your other teeth, with dark shadows above them where the metal base is visible? We can replace them with tooth coloured crowns by using metal-free materials.

Dark Mercury fillings can be replaced with invisible tooth coloured composite fillings disguising the fact that your teeth are filled at all!

Do you have a denture that looks like you have a denture? We can replace it with a more natural looking cosmetic denture for improved appearance and bite.

If you have missing teeth and find it difficult to eat, smile or speak with confidence or your denture is loose and you are consciously aware of it moving, then dental implants can overcome all your concerns.

Are your teeth twisted, crowded or out of line? Well, it is never too late to improve them. We may be able to provide orthodontic treatment (braces) to improve your smile.

Would you like to look 10 years younger? Under safe medical conditions with professionally trained clinicians, we can help you, through the use of dermatological fillers, to soften facial lines.

" I am absolutely delighted with my beautiful and very natural result, and for the first time in a long time I will smile in confidence."View Testimonials

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