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Latest News

Latest News

We were pleased to be awarded runner up for ‘Best patient care’ at the Scottish dental awards ceremony in Glasgow.

We have two new members of staff to add to our implant clinic team. Welcome Rosie and Roz.



training day


Another great day of training with some of our referring dentists, who are participating on our diploma in restorative dentistry, in partnership with the British Association of Restorative Dentistry.




christa winning


Christa afterwards! Celebrating her hat rick 1st Local Lady prize.




bruce and graeme


Bruce and Graeme before the 81 mile Etape Caledonia, the after photographs is not pleasant!






We were delighted to be shortlisted again, for the 'Best Implant Clinic' in the UK, at the prestigious Private Dentistry awards in London. It's always a great excuse to get dressed up and to enjoy some lime light!





It’s almost a year since we enrolled 23 of our referring dentists onto our 3year diploma course in restorative dentistry. Our passion behind it was to support the professional development of the dentists who refer to us and to improve the quality of patient’s long -term care. It has also given us a great opportunity to get to know each other more and to develop a strong referral network.





We have recently purchased the Strathern Herald printing works next door to our existing implant clinic. We are really excited by this development, as the new facility will enable us to expand the work of the implant clinic by giving us another surgery and a separate patient lounge.  Marina is also getting a new office all to herself, she cannot wait!





Bruce has just returned from the EAO (European Association Osteointergration) conference in Dublin this year.  The conference was a valuable way to keep up with the latest innovations and to meet with his European peers. The Guinness was good too!