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Missing Teeth Solution

Missing Teeth Solution

Replacing teeth with implants has several major advantages over traditional methods;

  • Implants look, feel and function like a natural tooth
  • The procedure does not require adjacent teeth to be ‘cut back’
  • The implant replaces the tooth root, which preserves the bone.
  • They prevent bone collapse and provide better long-term aesthetics.


Single tooth

Implants provide an excellent way of both aesthetically and functionally closing the gap created by the loss of a single tooth.

If the gap is left other teeth can move and tilt forward or over erupt from above into the space, causing crowding and lengthening of existing teeth.


Missing Tooth Implant


Large gaps

In these cases too, implants provide an ideal alternative to conventional methods. The implants serve as additional supporting abutments for carrying a bridge and therefore don’t damage adjacent teeth.